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In today's world, so many businesses don't understand the value of personality, and good relationships. Everyone here at Blue South understands the importance of building a good image, and a good relationship with all our clients! When you hire Blue South onto your property to clean your assets, you will be treated like family! You don't have to worry about anyone in my business around your personal belongings because everyone has been vetted by myself personally. I come from a law enforcement family and truly understand the importance of good people. If I don't trust them at my home, I would never send them to yours! Everyone that works for me has a clean background and no criminal record!

Here at Blue South LLC, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We are not in the "money-taking" business, we are in the relationship-building business! We will never leave a job, with our customers unsatisfied! My name is Dallen Starling and I have been doing power washing and exterior home detailing for about 3 years myself, 2 being on the side to learn, 1 being professionally. I started this business with the sole intention of doing the best job possible and trying to stand out from our competition by being the greatest in every category! Each and every one of our customers are treated like family, it would be our pleasure to serve you! Thank you all, and God Bless!

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